About Rhabits
Share your memories, connect with others and make new friends. A decentralized social media based in blockchain. More Than Connections: Earn Rewards for Every Follower, Every Moment.

Rhabits is a blockchain-based digital content ecosystem designed to provide technology for the secure creation, distribution, and monetization of content. It has multiple platforms such as social network, videos, shorts, live streaming, subscriptions, cryptocurrency wallet, and artificial intelligence technology.

Rhabits users can enjoy and create high-quality content in multiple formats and share them with the entire ecosystem. Users can receive likes, comments, and followers, as well as earn rewards for their activity in the ecosystem. These rewards can be redeemed for products, services, and experiences.

In addition, Rhabits has artificial intelligence that helps users discover relevant content for them. This technology is also used to moderate content and ensure that all users are safe on the platform.

Rhabits has a crypto wallet that allows users to store, send, and receive Rhabit coin and other cryptocurrencies. It also has an advertising platform that allows users to create advertising campaigns across the Rhabits network.

Rhabits is an innovative platform that offers a wide variety of tools to increase the reach and security of content created by all users.

Visit Rhabits.io and create your account now for free and receive your first Rhabit coin. For more information, please consult the support channel. We are pleased to welcome you!