Hiking Tour to Khakhabo Gorge

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If you love adventures and also want the feel the nature in Tbilisi of Georgia, then the Khevsureti can be a better option for you.

If you love adventures and also want the feel the nature in Tbilisi of Georgia, then the Khevsureti can be a better option for you. You adventurous soul will definitely love this region of Tbilisi and also like to take part in the hike from Khevsureti to Khakhboo Gorge. 

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Let us have a virtual tour of hike from Khevsureti to Khakhboo Gorge.



Khevsureti is a large area which covers 1050 km sq. and spread from south to north slopes of the Caucasus mountain range. The South and North Khevsureti covers some places like Abudelaurebi Lakes, Arkhoti Gorge, Shatili-Mutso villages, etc.

Apart from this trekking trail, Pshav-Khevsureti National Park is also a famous region in Georgia which is worth a visit. It has trekking trails which are less popular and less crowded. Among these trekking places, Khakhabo is an authentic trekking destination in Khevsureti.


How to get to Pshav-Khevsureti National Park?

Pshav-Khevsureti National Park is almost 110 km away from Tbilisi and need less than 3 hours to reach. You can drive a car from Datvijvari Pass which divides the Khevsureti into South and North parts.

There is also a public transportation i.e. minibus is available from Didube Metro Station from Tbilisi to reach Shatili. This service runs 3 times in a week. You will reach Datvisjbari Pass in Shatili and start hiking to Khakhabo Gorge.


Hiking Trail

Khakhano trekking route is of 16km of length. If you are perfectly fit and fine, you can start early and have a car drive on Andaki Road which will almost take one day to finish hiking, however, it is suggested to complete it in two days to enjoy the wild trekking. It is to keep in mind that there is no guesthouse or camping place, only shepherds and a family live in Khakhabo, so bring a tent and camping equipment by yourself. There is also no coverage of internet and Wi-Fi in Khakhabo.

Starting of Khakhabo Trail

Your hiking will start from Tsurbovani place which is 2km away from Datvijvari Pass. You can also start you trail from Datvijvari Pass itself and follow the watershed mountain range and enjoy the best views over Khevsureti. You will walk of 3 km and will descend to Khakhabo valley.


About Khakhao Gorge

It is a very narrow area which follows the river to the Andaki Road. In June-July, this hiking trail was established but the important challenge is river which need to be crossed 15 times while being in the Gorge. In the middle of the trekking trail, you will find lots of villages of Khakhabo. You can camp here and enjoy the taste of local cheese and other milk products.

On the next day, start your trek in the lower part of Khakhbo gorge. There is a wooden bridge to help you to cross the river.

After some hours, you will get to camping place and car rad from where you can drive to Ardoti village and then Mutso and further Shatili.



It is one of the shortest hiking tour in Georgia which lead to explore the top places like Ardoti village, Mutso and Shatili. Get the Georgia tour package and start your smallest, beautiful and adventurous hiking tour to Khakhabo Gorge.