How do I install an Electrical Chain Saw blade

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Electrical Chain Saw

1.Electrical Chain Saw There are nuts on the blade, which are used to fix the blade. When installing, install the blade on the Electrical Chain Saw disk and tighten the nut.

2. Hold the blade firmly and ensure that it is tightly fastened. After completion, pick up the Electrical Chain Saw in the suspended state, slowly turn on the power switch, observe the blade rotation, no abnormalities can be put into use.

3. Dirt and weeds need to be regularly removed from the blade and inside the blade holder and Electrical Chain Saw.

It should be noted that the blade bolt is a special bolt and cannot be replaced by other bolts. Viewed from the bottom up, the blade rotates counterclockwise. Make sure the cutting edge is facing this direction of rotation when mounting.

How do I replace a blade in an Electrical Chain Saw

1. When replacing an Electrical Chain Saw blade, use a positioning rod, align the small metal cover on the blade with the positioning holes, and insert the positioning rod.

2. Under the blade, there is a larger nut. The nut is used to secure the blade. After the blade of the mower is secured, you can tighten the fixing screw under the head with a wrench that fits the nut.

3. After removing the screw fixing the drill bit, the metal cover under the screw can also be removed.

4. After removing the metal cover, you can see that there is a metal gasket below, and then remove the thicker metal gasket. After removing the above parts, the blade of the Electrical Chain Saw can be removed smoothly.

5. Then, the blade to be replaced is placed on the spindle, and then the parts fastened by the tool head that have just been removed are put back in the opposite order, and then the screws are tightened, so that the tool head of the Electrical Chain Saw is replaced.

The blade replacement process of Electrical Chain Saw is not complicated, but because the blade is relatively sharp, the blade has a problem, which needs to be returned to the factory for repair by the Electrical Chain Saw manufacturer. In addition, this is only one of the blade replacement process of Electrical Chain Saw, different models will be different, so users when using, try not to replace themselves.

Electrical Chain Saw