Paper packaging printing What details should be paid attention to for custom printing

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Paper packaging printing

Paper packaging printing is a platform to publicize and display the positive image of the company, which is introduced by the brochure. For potential customers or long-term customers, it shows the importance of the brochure to the company. Album design can use smooth lines, corporate cultural concepts, harmonious pictures or beautiful words to combine into a beautiful album with promotional products and brand image.

If you want to make Paper packaging printing show its unparalleled advantages, then you must first do the following picture album before printing details.

Paper packaging printing Details of custom printing:

Some friends may not know, in the printing design of the album, there is often a process of adding background color, through this process can make the album more beautiful, although it is only a simple process, but it plays a finishing role in the album, if used well, it can effectively improve the artistic effect of the album. So the background color design of the album is also very important. The following is a simple introduction to the details of the album background color design.

When printing products in batches of albums, we must keep the background color consistent, which can truly reflect the artistic effect of the original manuscript. In addition, spot colors can be used for printing, and this process can highlight the characteristics and layers of the picture, improve the artistic effect of the album, stimulate the visual touch of the audience, and stimulate their desire to read.

Paper packaging printing