How to Get Steel Ingots in Skull and Bones

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How to Get Steel Ingots in Skull and Bones

Steel Ingots are an important crafting material in Skull and Bones needed to upgrade ships and equipment. This guide covers the main methods to acquire Steel Ingots both through in-game activities or via trading sites. For those seeking a faster path, reputable sellers like offer options to buy cheap Skull and Bones silver which can then be exchanged for Steel Ingots.

Selling Loot to Regional Traders

One of the primary ways to obtain Steel Ingots is by selling loot plundered from ships, forts and treasure dig sites to Regional Traders located in various ports. Higher value loot like gems, artifacts and rare captain logs will net the most Steel Ingots. Be sure to sell to the trader offering the highest prices in each region.

Raiding Supply Ships

Specialized supply ships occasionally spawn transporting crates of crafting materials including Steel Ingots. These ships are more heavily armed than standard merchant vessels but raiding them is a reliable source of Steel Ingots. Selling extra supplies on the market also converts to ingots.

Rewards from Contracts and Bounties

Completing randomized contracts or multistage bounties awarded by faction representatives or world operators will yield Steel Ingots upon success. Higher difficulty missions provide greater ingot payouts. Repeating these over time builds a substantial stockpile.

Trading with Other Players

Steel Ingots can also be obtained through player trading at local ports. Stocking up by buying cheap Skull and Bones silver from sellers like MTMMO allows converting funds to ingots via direct player-to-player trades or market transactions. This provides a quicker supplement to sources above.